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CHeck-In Date
CHeck-In Date

April is Autism Awareness Month

Holiday Inn Express & Suites becomes a Designated Be Friendlier Destination

We understand the stress and needs of special needs families when traveling. We want every family that visits the Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Panama City Beach to have a great, memorable vacation. We are so excited to partner with Be Friendlier this year to create more awareness and acceptance to families with a developmental disability. Every family deserves the right to have a carefree and great vacation, and that is exactly what we want to help provide.

The Holiday Inn Express & Suites is a Designated Be Friendlier Destination

Be Friendlier focuses training on awareness and safety issues that we know those with a developmental disability diagnosis, such as autism, often deal with. A trained and well-prepared resort property will offer a more positive experience for a family that faces some of these unique challenges.Aimee Allenback – Owner, Be Friendlier, LLC

April is Autism Awareness Month at the Holiday Inn Express & SuitesApril is Autism Awareness Month. Autism is a developmental disability and complex mental condition. Often individuals with autism find it difficult to communicate and interact with other people. We encourage parents to let our team know if someone in their family has a developmental disability, so we can accommodate them in the best way possible.

All families should feel welcome to vacation in the beautiful panhandle of Florida without the fears of stigmas. With the Be Friendlier designation in place, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites is now fully prepared to extend that invitation to families who may have not felt welcome or safe to do so in the past,” says Allenback

What sets us apart with this partnership is our team has been trained to understand developmental disabilities, sensitives, and the unique situations that we could come across. Over 15% of families have a developmental disability, and we are here to support those families and accept them with open arms. Upon request, we will have Safety Kits available to provide a better sense of safety in the room for families.

With these Safety Kits, we want families to feel more secure, safe, and relaxed during their stay. This may seem like little things, but the peace of mind provide is huge for these families. We will have Temporary Tattoo Kits available upon request.

These tattoos allow our guests to place their room numbers or phone numbers on their child’s arm if the special needs individual get lost or wanders. Guest safety and security is a top priority for our team. We hope to provide a better sense of security to these families during their stay than they would normally have.

Safety Kits include:

• Corner guards
• “STOP” prompt signs
• Outlet covers
• Door alarm

Temporary Safety Tattoo Kits Include:

• Three waterproof temporary tattoos
• Three alcohol wipes
• Marker

If you have any questions about our new Be Friendly Designation or about planning your next trip to our beautiful beaches, don’t hesitate to contact one of our Team Members by calling us direct at 855.232.3438

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