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CHeck-In Date
IHG Rewards Your Rate at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites

YOUR RATE by IHG® Rewards Club

Let your travels take you further! As a loyal member IHG Rewards Member, you deserve exclusive rewards and recognition. Your perks even include YOUR RATE! Enjoy additional savings on rooms at Panama City Beach’s newest hotel on the beach by booking Your Rate at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites. Not a member yet? Ask our friendly reservations team by calling 855.232.3438 to ask how you can join for free today!


You can also book the IHG YOUR RATE OFFER by calling 855.232.3438!


Disclaimer: Some restrictions may apply. No cancellations & cannot be combined with other offers. Rates listed do not include any applicable taxes or Service Charge.

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Holiday Inn Express Panama City Beach

Construction Cam of the Holiday Inn Express Panama City Beach


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We’re excited to invite you to join us at the Holiday inn Express & Suites on Panama City Beach for your next family vacation, business trip, or romantic getaway! You can reserve your room at our new beach-side hotel by clicking the Book Now Button, but please know that you will be leaving our site and going to the Holiday Inn Worldwide Reservation Engine.

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The IHG Clean Promise at the Holiday Inn Express and Suites in Panama City Beach

Good isn’t good enough – we’re committed to high levels of cleanliness. That means clean, well maintained, clutter free rooms that meet our standards. If this isn’t what you find when you check-in then we promise to make it right.

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